Our CinnaDippers™ are the perfect casual snack, especially when paired with our delicious cream cheese frosting for you to dip each morsel into.

Cinnzeo Cinnamon Roll

Baked to perfection with cinnamon and brown sugar gushing from each homemade wrap of dough, this treat is topped off with our delectable cream cheese frosting.

Cinnzeo™ Cheese Rolls

Layers of mouth-watering, gooey, tasty cheddar, baked to perfection for the perfect tear-apart, delectable treat.

Cinnzeo™ Coffee

Check out our great new blend, in three delicious roasts: Dawn (medium roast), Dawn Decaf, and Dusk (dark roast).

Cinnzeo™ Espressos & Latte

See what the buzz is all about – made with a top quality, fair trade and organic roast, our new coffee program includes finely brewed espresso and delicious lattes.

Cinnzeo™ Hot Chocolate

Cinnfully delicious – made with Belgian chocolate chips, steamed milk and cinnamon brown sugar, a cup of our decadent hot chocolate is the ultimate indulgence.

Gluten Free Vegan Cinnamon Roll

Brought to you by Care Bakery TM, our new Gluten Free Vegan Cinnamon Roll is Baked to perfection and oozing with Cinnzeo's classic, delectable flavour.

Mini Bacon Cheese Roll

Our classic dough filled with shredded cheese and crispy apple-wood smoked bacon baked to warm fluffy perfection.

Mini Breakfast Roll

Fluffy scrambled egg, apple-wood smoked bacon, fresh green onion, plum Roma tomatoes, Kraft Medium Shredded Cheese baked into our signature roll.

Mini Snack Pack™

Nine bite-sized and double-frosted rolls for you to easily pick up and take on the go, the Mini Snack Pack™ is sure to make you incredibly popular with the whole crew.


Our Minirolls™ are perfect replicas of the Cinnzeo Cinnamon Roll, but at a splendid size for a snack on the go or for the perfect kid-sized treat.

Mixed Berry Fusion

A delicious combo of mixed berries in one cold, frothy smoothie. Add protein for that extra boost to your day!


The Pecaroll™ takes everything that you love about our original Cinnzeo Cinnamon Roll, and gives it an artisanal twist.

Pina Colada Blast

Do you like pina coladas? Try our delightful smoothies for a healthy start to your day.

Specialty Roll

What could be more decadent than our original Cinnzeo Cinnamon Roll, topped with delicious fruit filling? Choose from Strawberry, Blueberry, Caramel Apple, Cherry and Cranberry.

Strawberry Banana Burst

Strawberry and Banana, the best combo since cinnamon and sugar! Try our new fresh, frozen and fruity beverage.

Take Out Pack

Coming in boxes of four or six, and nine or fifteen, these cinnamon rolls are packed with enough flavour and frosting to ensure that everyone at home or in the office gets a bite of heaven.

Tropical Mango

Taste the flavours of the tropics in this ice-y, tasty treat. Made with real fruit and yogurt.


Our gourmet Twists have that same cinnamon spice mixture and blended sugar that you’ve come to love, wrapped in the flaky tenderness of a Danish pastry.