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*Photo represents a typical Cinnzeo store. Store shown is located in Sunridge Mall, Calgary


We’re expanding!


In 1987, the first enticing aroma of cinnamon swirled from our first Cinnamon Roll Bakery. We welcomed guests inside to watch us carefully hand craft every Cinnzeo Cinnamon Roll from scratch. It was love at first taste. Since that day over thirty years ago, cinnamon rolls, and outstanding guest service and satisfaction have been our passion. With 60 bakeries worldwide and growing, Cinnzeo™ Bakery Café is a recipe for success everywhere.

We have a long established customer base that is sure to grow along with the expansion of our menu offerings into coffee based beverages, savory rolls and sandwiches. 

Our promise to our franchise partners is a timely franchise support network, communication that is open and ongoing, and help when and where you need it. Our corporate support team gives each franchisee the tools, training, and advice they need to help their business thrive. We work together with our franchisees to further expand our brand by sharing key strategies for sales. Cinnzeo provides established operating policies, procedures, and standards. 

Cinnzeo™ also offers IT support with your store’s Point Of Sale system to always make sure you’re up and rolling! Feel secure knowing that we will always have your back.

We have partnered with qualified vendors to ensure guests can expect the same quality and taste wherever they go. Ordering from our vendors also ensures you keep your costs low without compromising on the quality of ingredients. 

Cinnzeo™ actively advertises across social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well as select local and regional advertising mediums as suits the local market.


The following shows a range for initial investment to open a Unit franchise:

  • Initial Franchise Fee: $30,000*
  • Equipment: $50,000 – $75,000
  • Construction, leaseholds, startup costs, and initial working capital: $128,000 – $342,800
  • Total Investment: $208, 800 – $447,900

*A discount may be offered for multi-unit commitment.


Our bakeries are typically located in high traffic locations. We offer bakery café designs that will best suit the efficiencies needed to operate at a chosen location. Picking the ideal spot is critical and our Team has the experience to select good locations with heavy traffic and high visibility. 


With phenomenal growth potential around the world, our efforts to build our brand have paid off. The Cinnzeo™ Bakery Café experience paired with an exceptional cinnamon roll is a recipe for success wherever it’s applied. We are actively seeking qualified franchise partners for our planned location in Ontario. 

You could be part of this exciting and profitable expansion, bringing our iconic cinnamon rolls to every corner of the world. We are looking for franchise partners who understand the power and satisfaction of running a great business and the value of a warm guest experience. We are seeking individuals who are passionate team leaders, who can successfully manage the business, and create positive engagement with both employees and guests.

Enjoy the independence of being a business owner while being supported by an established brand.